Change Localizer in Russia.

Dear developers! Due to the situation we have, we, the players of Black Desert Online, have to write to you directly asking to return our money paid in or strengthen the control over the work of the localization makers of the gaming project Black Desert Online in Russia, the role of which is now held by the company GameNet. The reasons are the next : blocking of the accounts of people because of them emphasizing on the problems of the gaming process; not giving the right to express their own opinion; giving the wrong information on the official page; uploading the incorrect patches, which leads to the imbalance; the long lasting elimination of the problems in the game/facilities or total ignoring of them, which leads to the unstable working of the game and uncomfortable time spending in the game. The players are not given the information about the next updates in time. All this caused the great complaint among the players, which leads to the huge amount of them leaving the project, which will lead to the closing of the project. We, the players of Black Desert Online, don't want the project to be closed. We ask you to take it into account and to take action.
Yours faithfully, the players of Black Desert Online